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We excel with Search Engine Optimisation and all forms of Online Marketing, and have an unmatched track record, and some case studies are provided below.

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SEO & Web Marketing Case Studies

Our SEO Achieves Great Results

When you are a client of ours, we will work with you to help you grow your business, increase your sales, and optimise your business processes to help you maximise your profits. We work as a long term strategic partner, and an important part of our contribution to your business is to help you improve your Google and other search engine rankings, as well as your web-generated sales and enquiries, which we do on an affordable and Continuous Improvement™ basis.  Below are examples of what we are achieving for some of our clients, right now.  We think the results speak for themselves.  We also have a separate dedicated website for SEO and Web Marketing, so if your main interest is this then you can explore our other site by clicking here.

We would love to assist you to help you grow your business, just like we have for all the clients shown below.  Contact us today for an informal initial chat on 01604 638421.

George Davies Turf

George Davies Turf is a leading supplier of quality turf in the UK. We began working with George in February 2010, boosting his business with a brand new website. We focused on design and user experience, emphasising product and service quality and encouraging people to engage with the website. Using content marketing, SEO and a variety of digital marketing techniques, we have helped George increase his sales turnover by 500%.

Read more about how we helped George create a successful brand and grow his business:

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DJ Hutchings

D J Hutchings has been in business since 1973, providing insurance reinstatement and construction services. We began working with them to help market their services in the digital space and make prospective customers aware of what they can offer. We manage their social media channels, engaging their audience via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We have also created their website with user experience in the forefront, making their services clear and easily searchable. D J Hutchings have enjoyed great online success, helping them to grow their business, target new areas and attract customers from further afield.

Read more about how we continue to support D J Hutchings with their online marketing:

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Pet Business World
Pet Business World is an essential news source for the pet and aquatics trade. They have had the most widely-circulated magazine in the industry for many years, and we have helped them to achieve success in the digital world as well. Their website features a number of useful resources for the trade, so we make sure that it is targeting the right people and generating plenty of traffic. They have seen a 1,227% uplift in visitors and are now very well known for their website. 
Read more about our work with Pet Business World here: 
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Avant Garde Roofing

Avant Garde Roofing is a family-run business specialising in flat roofing for domestic and commercial customers. They first approached us wanting a new website to help further their business, as their old one just wasn't performing. We produced a bespoke website for them with fully manageable content, prioritising user experience to attract new customers. We have helped them grow their audience with targeted web marketing campaigns focusing on relevant areas. The site now generates lots of traffic and is truly representative of Avant Garde as the professional and successful business they are. 

Find out more about our work with Avant Garde Roofing: 

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High Street Dental

High St Dental Care is a dental practice based in Melton Mowbray, offering a range of treatments to patients. During our time working with them, we have converted their site to make it fully manageable and have helped them to create a presence for themselves online. They wanted to raise brand awareness in and around the local area, so we have made the High St Dental Care website more visible to their target audience using SEO and content marketing. 

Read more about our work with High St Dental Care:

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CTR Lasers

CTR Lasers is the leading UK company manufacturing, designing and supplying laser cutting and engraving machines. They were referred through one of our existing clients, wanting to gain more online enquiries via their website. We have helped to make their brand as well-known online as it is offline. Their brochure website is now informative and easy to navigate, showing prospective customers that CTR Lasers is an authority in the field. Traffic and enquiry rates have increased dramatically, helping to bring in more business. 

Read more about how we've helped CTR Lasers succeed:

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Maziak Compressor Services Ltd specialises in air compressors, water chillers and nitrogen generation. They already had an online presence, but wanted to take it to the next level and use their website to actively bring in more business. We have worked with them since 2011 and have helped them to reach this goal, spreading the word about their brand and directing traffic to their website. This has led to a sharp increase in enquiries - 75% more came through the website in the first year alone. 

Read more about our ongoing work with Maziak here: 

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The Garage Door Centre

The Garage Door Centre supplies and installs doors from many different brands across the UK. They began working with Freetimers in 2006, asking us to give their main website a new lease of life. We have implemented a detailed content marketing, conversion optimisation and SEO strategy to grow their online presence and the site is now a clear leader in the industry. The Garage Door Centre's business has multiplied rapidly - this is in no small part due to the volume of visitors to the site, which has now increased by around 11,942%! 

Learn more about how we have helped The Garage Door Centre reach such a strong position:

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Garage Doors Online

Garage Doors Online is the newest addition to a well-established group of companies specialising in commercial doors, garage doors and gates. We developed the first eCommerce site for the group in 2008, producing a platform with suitable complexity that allows customers to shop quickly and easily. We have worked with Garage Doors Online ever since, marketing the website effectively to make sure customers can access all the information they need. This has helped the website become a great success and it now generates a £multi-million turnover. 

Find out more about our work with Garage Doors Online here:

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Simply Education

Simply Education is a staffing agency for teachers and support staff. We created a dynamic, sophisticated website for them, as well as an online business management system that is integrated into their website. This system allows them to manage their business at a local level within their different branches, which employ almost 100 full-time staff members. We have helped them to market their recruitment services in the UK as well as overseas, attracting more teachers and schools in the areas that are important to them. They now run a highly successful £multi-million business. 

Find out more about how we have targeted the right audience for Simply Education:

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Enterprise Control Systems

Enterprise Control Systems specialises in VIP protection and security equipment for government, military and intelligence. We have helped them to grow their presence in the UK as well as further afield - locations include Europe, America, Africa and the Middle East. The website has a secure area for clients to access as well as information about the various products that are available. We have ensured the website boosts ECS's reputation, showing their expertise and credibility in this important field. People can now find the website easily online and as such, the number of visitors has increased substantially.

To find out more about ECS's work with Freetimers, click below:

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Central Mailing Services

Central Mailing Services is a direct mail fulfilment house operating near Birmingham UK. They came to us to help expand their reach to a broad but targeted audience. With our main focus on design, user experience, content marketing and SEO, we’ve manage to position the company as a leading UK player with website visitor rates up by more than 200%. Their enquiry rates and sales have skyrocketed.

Find out more about our work with Central Mailing Services here:
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Cranes UK
Cranes-UK sells cranes and lifting equipment to customers in the UK. We undertake regular continuous improvement and online marketing for them, making their name even better known within the industry. We have helped to make their website a great success, driving 2,165% more traffic to it in the space of 24 months. We carry out content marketing, conversion optimisation and SEO activities to keep this website going from strength to strength.


Learn more about how we support the growth of Cranes-UK: 
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National Domelight Company

The National Domelight Company is a nationwide supplier of rooflights and skylights. We have helped them to form a strong digital brand, building them a high-performing website and expanding their online presence. We make sure their name is known and manage their online reputation via social media, taking care of their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. We have helped them build up a strong customer base amongst tradespeople and private individuals by targeting important products and locations. The site has seen a 1,587% visitor improvement since 2010.


Find out more about our role in the National Domelight Company’s success:

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UK Sleepers

UK Sleepers sells a variety of gardening and landscaping products, with a specialism in railway sleepers. They have a fully responsive eCommerce website built buy us that uses out own CMS platform. We undertake a variety of web marketing activities for them, including paid search, SEO and content marketing. Our efforts have helped the website to become easily searchable and traffic has increased dramatically, experiencing a 339% uplift. This has helped to generate more sales than ever before and UK Sleepers have seen a 129% increase between April 2014 and April 2016.

Learn more about our web marketing work for UK Sleepers: 

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McGee's is a marquee and events equipment hire company based in Northampton. They approached us wanting a responsive brochure website to advertise their services and generate enquiries. We built their new site with a focus on quality, making sure visitors can enjoy clarity and simplicity when browsing. McGee's are also using our web marketing services to ensure their online activities are beneficial for their business. We have optimised the website to pull in more traffic, leading to an increase in enquiries. 

Read more about our marketing strategies with McGee's here: 

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Lifting Equipment Store
Lifting Equipment Store is a leading supplier of material handling equipment, lifting equipment and safety equipment. We have helped them to create a strong brand identity, redesigning their eCommerce website to make it bright, modern and easy to navigate. The new website has a modern appearance, clear layout and responsive design to entice visitors in and improve user experience. We are already managing to achieve excellent rankings and are increasing business, promoting specific products to increase their sales. As a part of their rebranding exercise, we created a logo and designed a number of complementary products to help generate brand awareness. 
Read more about our work here:  
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Orchard Block Management Services (OBMS)
Orchard Block Management Services (OBMS) is a successful and long-standing property services provider. We have worked together for a number of years now, putting together a digital strategy that makes OBMS a serious competitior in their market. We have helped to expand their reach and influence by targeting key areas and marketing their services to the right people. There has been an influx of website activity and traffic is up by 429%.
Find out more about how we have helped OBMS succeed in the digital sphere:
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Clean 4 Shaw
Clean4Shaw is a professional cleaning company based in Northampton. We have worked with them on their website and digital marketing since July 2013, achieving excellent results for them. We have helped to direct more visitors to their website and increase conversions, generating new business in carefully targeted areas. Our team have recently launched a new Clean4Shaw website, taking care of the design and branding to project the right image to visitors. By providing an excellent user experience from start to finish, the website is proving highly successful and is helping to further grow Clean4Shaw’s already successful business.


Read more about Clean4Shaw’s marketing activities with us here: 
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Samson Doors

Samson Doors is a specialist in warehouse, industrial, commercial and residential doors, as well as in a number of security products. We have been managing their digital marketing strategy for them for almost 10 years and they have seen business increase dramatically during this time. We have achieved excellent rankings in the search engines and have helped build their online presence, firmly establishing them as leaders in their sector. Samson Doors have an eCommerce website that now sees plenty of traffic and they receive a large volume of online orders. 

Find out more about how we've increased sales for Samson Doors:

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Business Finance Services

Business Finance Services operates in the competitive field of corporate finance, providing startups and existing businesses with affordable solutions. They chose Freetimers to work with them on their digital marketing and we have helped them to achieve a great deal of online success. We have implemented SEO and content marketing strategies to target Business Finance Services' key audiences, in the areas that are relevant to them. Their site traffic and enquiry rates have increased dramatically since working with us. 

See further details about our work with Business Finance Services.

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