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Dedicated Website Support

Whatever you may have heard, all websites need support from time to time. Freetimers sees quality support for our clients as a priority.

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For our first several years operating we offered ad hoc support like most agencies.  Over time however, we found ad hoc isn't good enough, so now we maintain a Dedicated Support Team so our clients always get the attention they need, when they need it!

As a website owner you will be aware how important support can be when something breaks or otherwise goes wrong with your website. AND, eventually something will go wrong with it.  When it does go wrong the last thing we and you would want is an extended time without a fix being done.  With ad hoc support, used by the vast majority of agencies, the same people doing the support are also undertaking the production, and this is why many people experience unreasonable delays, and why many agencies get a poor reputation. 

That is exactly why we changed it too.  Now we have personnel dedicated to support, but to accommodate this extra overhead we expect all the users of that support to contribute to its maintenance.  We don't operate our support service as a profit centre, so we price our support simply to recover the labour and overhead costs associated with it, which seems to us a fair way to offer a service that everyone benefits from.

Our support service starts with Basic Support at £25 per month, and then this can be enhanced to services with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with faster response times, depending on the complexity of the site and our client's needs, and the level of mission criticality of the website.

With Freetimers you get high quality service and high quality results, and to complete the picture you also get a high quality professional support service.  To find out more phone us today on 01604 638421.

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