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Web Design Trends for 2017 - 23/12/2016

2016 has been a year filled with great web designs. With a clear focus on quality and customer satisfaction, we have seen design becoming practical and user-friendly as well as eye-catching and attractive. 

So what will websites look like in 2017? As we approach the end of 2016, we have been thinking about what is going to be popular in the coming year and how trends will evolve. Here, we share our top predictions for web design in 2017 with you: 
Streamlined design. Gone are the days of busy, cluttered menus and information overload on every page. Websites in 2017 will be sleek and toned down. This will help to guide users through a site, making it simple for them to find the sections they are looking for. 
Easy-to-use websites. Designers are focusing on making life easy for website visitors. This helps to direct them through the sales funnel by making sure they are presented with a logical way of navigating the site, alongside plenty of calls to action. 
A focus on user experience. This has been extremely topical in 2016 and the trend won’t be going anywhere any time soon. That’s because it makes a lot of sense – design that is user-centric generates conversions. Brands who understand their customers can make sure their website delivers the right user experience, giving their audience everything they want to find in the digital space. This is how you get loyal customers who buy from you regularly.
Minimalism. The epitome of the perfect website in 2017 will be clean, clear and sharp in design. This helps to prioritise the user experience, making a website attractive to look at as well as easy to navigate. 
Responsive design. Websites that aren’t responsive won’t have that competitive edge in 2017. People now expect to be able to do more with smartphones and other devices, placing orders and finding information when out and about. Their user experience needs to be just as good across all devices. 
Greater use of Google Fonts. Google began to make improvements to this service in 2016, making it much easier to preview and configure fonts. We think more website designers will begin to work with Google Fonts in 2017. 
We are excited to see what 2017 has to hold for web design. It looks like there are some exciting trends in the pipeline for the year ahead. 


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